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For distal and bifurcation remodeling.


  • Perfect occlusion of bifurcation and terminal aneurysms thanks to its hyper compliant balloon
  • Easy navigation thanks to HYDROSPEED coating on the balloon
  • Superior stability and excellent push and torque given by the catheter design and the use of a .012” microguidewire
  • Rapid balloon deflation, even with 2/3 contrast 1/3 saline mixture
  • CE-marked also for angioplasty of vasospasms
  • DMSO compatibility
  • Widest range on the market in terms of length and diameters
  • 1 cm nose-shaped tip distal to the balloon for extra stability
  • High visibility with 3 radiopaque markers: 2 at both tips of the balloon and one on the extra 1cm nose

Technische Daten

ReferenceCatheter length (mm)Balloon length (mm)Balloon diameter (mm)Volume maximum (ML)Guidewire
SECLIPSE716074 to 60,20Compatible with .012" guidewire
(packaging includes a HYBRID1214D guidewire)











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