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For carotid syphon remodeling.


  • Perfect occlusion of wide neck aneurysms with a low pressure compliant balloon
  • Easy navigation thanks to HYDROSPEED coating on the balloon
  • Rapid balloon deflation, even with 2/3 contrast 1/3 saline mixture
  • Superior stability and excellent push and torque given by the catheter design and the use of a .012” microguidewire
  • CE-marked also for angioplasty of vasospasms
  • DMSO compatibility
  • High visibility with 2 radiopaque markers at both tips of the balloon

Technische Daten

ReferenceCatheter length (mm)Balloon length (mm)Balloon diameter (mm)Volume maximum (ML)Guidewire
SCOPERNIC10160103 to 50,30Compatible with .012" guidewire
(packaging includes a HYBRID1214D guidewire)









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