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  • Neues „Flat Catheter Concept“ (FCC).
  • Höchste Stabilität und Halt (lange nasenförmige Spitze, HYBRID, große Durchmesser und Längen).
  • Größte Auswahl auf dem Markt (Längen).
  • Einfache Navigation (einlumig, HYBRID, fortschrittliche Elastizität, HYDROSPEED).
  • Schnelle Inflation und Deflation des Ballons.
  • DMSO-kompatibel.

Technische Daten


Ballon max
Ø (mm)
Distale Spitze
O.D. x Länge
Double Lumen
Äußere Dimension (Stärke)
Double Lumen
Äußere Dimension (Breite)

2,5Fr x 12mm

Ø 0,60mm / .024"
(equivalent zu Vasco+21)
Ø 0,9mm
(equivalent zu 2,7Fr)


The COPERNIC 2L double lumen balloon catheters are intended for use in the peripheral vasculature and neurovasculature for temporary occlusion. The balloon catheters provide temporary vascular occlusion which is useful in selectively stopping or controlling blood flow and for the vasospasm treatment. The balloon catheters also offer balloon assisted embolization of intracranial aneurysms. They are also indicated for use in the peripheral vasculature and neurovasculature for administration of diagnostic agents (contrast solution) and therapeutic agents (embolization materials compatible with the inner diameter of the balloon catheters COPERNIC 2L). The content of this document, in particular data, information, trademarks and logos are BALT S.A.S and affiliates’ sole property. Consequently, all representation and / or reproduction, whether in part or in full, is forbidden and would be considered a violation of BALT S.A.S and affiliates’ copyrights and other intellectual proprietary rights ©2017

BALT S.A.S and affiliates all rights reserved. This document with associated pictures are non-contractual and are solely dedicated to healthcare professionals and BALT S.A.S and affiliates’ distributors. The products commercialized by BALT SAS and affiliates shall exclusively be used in accordance with the package inserts which have been updated and included in the boxes. COPERNIC 2L is class III CE marked (LNE/G-Med CE0459) according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC since 2014.